Apple Releases Mail Update for Mavericks to Address Gmail Issues

Apple today released Mail Update for Mavericks 1.0, a software update designed to enhance compatibility with Gmail accounts, as well as several other improvements. The update entered testing last week and addresses a number of complaints about changes Apple made in Mavericks Mail. 

Mail Update for Mavericks includes improvements to general stability and compatibility with Gmail, including the following: 

– Fixes an issue that prevents deleting, moving, and archiving messages for users with custom Gmail settings 
– Addresses an issue that may cause unread counts to be inaccurate 
– Includes additional fixes that improve the compatibility and stability of Mail

Full information on the update, including Apple’s recommendations about backing up before applying the update, are included in an Apple support document. The update is available via the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.

Prepare for iOS 7.0.4

Security bugs, graphical glitches, battery drainage, and other issues are about to be addressed in an upcoming iOS software update from Cupertino, California, likely arriving no later than this week.

Customers running iOS 7 have mixed feelings about Apple’s new, flat software, and while most of its features are indeed advanced and useful, not all are behaving properly.

It’s a common occurrence whenever Apple (or any other software company, for that matter) releases a major new version of an operating system. So far, Apple has released three incremental updates (iOS versions 7.0.1, 7.0.2, and 7.0.3) to alleviate some woes, but more patching is necessary.

According to server logs published by MacRumors, Apple is ramping up iOS 7.0.4 testing in what might be a good indication that the bits are about to roll out in a matter of days.

New OS X 10.9.1 and OS X 10.9.2 Builds Seeded Internally


Software engineers at Apple Inc. are actively testing not one, but two upcoming Mavericks updates, the first of which is slated to arrive later this month.

Codenamed “Board,” OS X 10.9.1 is “expected” to launch later this month, these people say, “and it will serve as an update to squash bugs that accompanied the OS X 10.9.0 release of Mavericks last month,” according to 9to5mac. OS X 10.9.1 is yet to be seeded to AppleCare employees.

OS X 10.9.2, the second planned update for Mavericks users, is codenamed “Carve” and is said to include additional fixes, “and perhaps minor feature enhancements.”

Apple’s planned Mavericks updates are mostly geared towards bug fixing, and there are already some complaints from users regarding sound problems on certain Mac configurations, incompatibilities with Google Drive, and others.

Built-in applications like Mail, Safari, and iBooks are also being updated for Mavericks users. Apple is said to be cooking up independent updates to squash bugs in these areas. A new version of Apple Remote Desktop is also being tested.

Mavericks is the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system. For the first time in a decade, Apple is offering the software free of charge. The only requirement is that you own a decently-specced Mac bought in the last five years or so.

As it codes up patches for the existing flaws in Mavericks, Apple is also working on the next-generation Mac OS, codenamed Syrah. According to the same sources, in OS X 10.10 “Apple is expected to enhance the look of the Mac OS to bring it more in-line with the changes found in iOS 7.”

New versions of iOS are also being tested internally, including an upcoming iOS 7.0.4 update which contains the usual bag of fixes.


Netflix for Android updated, brings smoother performance all around


Update brings performance boost, but profiles are still nowhere to be found

The latest Netflix update is rolling out hard and steady this evening, and we’ve had a chance to give it a spin. The app has a newly tweaked UI with the hamburger menu we all know and love (that’s a nerdy term for the slide-out menu apps are adopting) and better lock screen controls when using the Chromecast feature. But that’s not even the good part.

What this app brings that everyone will appreciate is a much smoother overall UI. No more janky, stuttery transitions between views, and everything seems nice and fluid while navigating through both your queue and the categories. Huzzah!

What we aren’t seeing is the new profiles feature, that seems to have made its way to every platform except Android. Multi-user support for an app like Netflix, which is heavily influenced by user preference, is a big plus. Hopefully we see it soon for the world’s most popular mobile platform.

You can try your luck getting the update via the Google Play link above, but as is usual for big updates to popular apps, Netflix is pushing on a controlled rollout. You’ll get the new version eventually — just keep checking.


Apple again reportedly cutting orders for iPhone 5c, wild speculation ensues


Another day, another report that production of the iPhone 5c is being cut. This time out it’s the Wall Street Journal that suggests that Apple has cut orders for the iPhone 5c for the 4th quarter with Pegatron and Hon Hai, the two companies that assembles them:

Apple Inc. has notified its two assemblers for the low-cost iPhone 5C that it is reducing orders of the smartphone for the fourth quarter, people familiar with the situation said, raising concerns about weaker-than-expected demand and its pricing strategy for the device.

There’s no doubt that at launch, all the buzz was around the iPhone 5s. The highest end offering, the one folks queued up overnight to get, and the one that ultimately sold out pretty rapidly. The iPhone 5c wasn’t that phone, and it’s never supposed to be that phone. The iPhone 5c is the long game for Apple, and first month sales were never going to match that of the iPhone 5s. It just wasn’t going to happen.
Cutting orders doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t selling. It could quite easily also mean that Apple just made far too many of them to begin with. After all, it’s the first iPhone available in 6 different colors, so there’s bound to be a healthy level of inventory around. As for the pricing strategy; Apple doesn’t sell ‘cheap’ devices. It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again. The iPhone 5c is priced at around the same mark the iPhone 5 would have been had it not been retired, and plastic doesn’t always mean cheap. Anyone who’s held an iPhone 5c would say the same.
On the flip side, iPhone 5s orders are said to have been increased. That’s a good thing, a very good thing. There were a lot of disappointed folks on launch day, especially folks who wanted a gold one, and there are still many, many people waiting on their iPhone 5s. We’d be more concerned at this point if Apple hadn’trequested an increase.

So, what do you make of all this? Typical ‘Apple is doomed’ mentality kicking in, or do you think there might be something to it? Earnings call day isn’t far out, and while Apple doesn’t usually talk specific sales by model, maybe there’ll be something to put all the skepticism to bed? 


Apple to Developers: Submit Your OS X Mavericks Apps Today!

Following the recent release of the OS X Mavericks Gold Master, and ahead of the October 22 event at which Apple is expected to announce the final retail release of Mavericks, Apple has issued an email to developers informing them that they can now submit submit new apps and app updates optimized for OS X Mavericks.

From the e-mail:

Submit your OS X Mavericks apps today.

Make sure your app takes advantage of the great new features in OS X Mavericks when the world’s most advanced desktop operating system becomes available to millions of customers later this fall. Download OS X Mavericks GM seed and Xcode 5.0.1 GM seed, available on the Mac Dev Center. Build your apps with these latest seeds, then test and submit them to the Mac App Store.

Mavericks introduces a host of new features that developers should be excited to support, and the fact that Apple is now officially allowing OS X Mavericks app submissions, and encouraging developers to submit Mavericks-related updates, only adds to the confirmation that the update should become available in the very near future. 


Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Gold iPhone 5s Today

It’s no secret people prefer the Gold version of the iPhone 5s, just as it is no secret that China is hopelessly in love with this new iPhone. The thing is China isn’t sold out of the thing.

Using that age-old 1+1=2 equation, respected analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald have come to the conclusion that Apple has allocated more stock to the Chinese market.

In a research note sent out to investors this week, analyst Brian White says, “Surprisingly, the iPhone 5S was frequently available and in many cases the champagne gold was in stock.”

However, White’s note also reveals that it’s actually the Space Gray finish that can’t be found anywhere.

“In some cases, the space gray colored iPhone 5S was out of stock but the champagne gold was available, exactly the opposite of what we have discussed in the U.S. market. In our view, we believe Apple may have allocated higher stock of the champagne gold iPhone 5S in China versus the U.S. market.”